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Lanyard Colors
Below are a few of the most-requested lanyard material and design colors for use on custom lanyards.
But we can produce any color you'd like.
Color Guide »
We use the PANTONE® color matching system.
The PANTONE® Matching System (PMS) allows for accurate color reproduction and duplication.
Common Colors
» These shades of color are the most popular options.
These colors, or any other that you'd like, can be used to dye the lanyard material and for the text, logos, or graphics on the material.

What is the PANTONE® Color Matching System?
» The industry-standard PANTONE® Matching System (PMS) allows accurate color reproduction across printers and materials.

In use since 1963, the PANTONE® system assigns color values to each of thousands of shades of color. Using official color guides (like the ones pictured here), our designers ensure that all colors found on our lanyards are consistent and correct.

Where can I see a PANTONE® color chart online?
Unfortunately, since computer monitors have large variations in the ways they display colors, it is nearly impossible to accurately depict PANTONE® color values on a screen without proper calibration. In other words, the colors you see on your screen will not necessarily be 100% exact to the final produced material, threading, or print.

So if another company displays a PANTONE® color chart on their web site, there's no guarantee it is accurate. (Plus, PANTONE® does not authorize their color charts to be reproduced online.)

What if I need a specific color?
We work hard to ensure that the colors you want are what you receive on your custom lanyards. If you require exact color matching, you will need to supply us with PANTONE® PMS color values for your design. Alternately, if you send us samples of the colors you want to use, we can determine the closest-matching PANTONE® value.

Great question.
(If we do say so ourselves.)
Custom lanyards are used to add a sense of identity to schools, offices, government, trade shows, hospitals, and many other locations.
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Fully customizable.
From colors to material, length to width, and attachment to design, your custom lanyards can look exactly how you want them to.
We put the power in your hands.
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