We’ve noticed a large number of customers finding us in search of badge lanyards.

However, “badge lanyards” do not specifically refer to any particular style of custom lanyard. Lanyards that simply have an attachment that enables them to hold an ID, name tag, or other card can be considered badge lanyards, regardless of the specifics of the lanyards themselves.

As such, our “badge lanyards” are just like the rest of our lanyards: completely customizable. With all of our custom lanyards, we can use your colors, add your text and/or logo, and let you choose which attachments/hooks you want to use. You can, of course, include your company, school, or organization name and logo printed or woven on our custom badge lanyards.

The reason they’re often referred to as badge lanyards is because in addition to featuring your design, these lanyards also safely hold your name badge, ID card, or any other credential or paper you’d like to hang from them.

The key component that turns regular custom lanyards into badge lanyards is the addition of a badge holder. These plastic pouches or sleeves allow an appropriately-sized card to snugly fit inside and are clear enough for the ID or name tag to be legible without removing it from the pouch.

Nearly all of our attachments are suitable for use with badge lanyards. Our standard J-Hook, Bulldog Clip, and Lobster Claw attachments can easily fasten any of our badge holders. The Bulldog Clip is the perfect size for badge holders with slot holes while the Lobster Claw and J-Hook work best with round holes.

But if you’re concerned about your name tag flipping around on your badge lanyards, there are two options that can prevent that from happening. Rather than including just one single attachment at the base of the lanyard, two separate attachments can be used, one located at each end of a straight strip of material. These attachments fasten into two holes at the top of the badge holder. Alternately, our No-Swivel Hook attachment prevents the badge holder from twisting.

One other available option for displaying a name tag or ID on badge lanyards is the retractable badge reel, which available in a variety of colors and can be ordered blank or custom-printed. These reels can feature a belt clip on the back, fasted to a badge lanyard via a key ring, or can be sewn directly onto a lanyard via a loop at the top.

All in all, our standard custom lanyards can each be turned into badge lanyards with the simple addition of a few key components. If you’re interested in ordering badge lanyards, just fill out our free price quote request form and specify the attachments that are most appropriate for your name badges or ID cards.

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