Custom school lanyardsCustom lanyards are becoming increasingly popular in schools. With many requiring their students, teachers, and faculty to wear name tag lanyards or id badge lanyards, it’s often the case that schools want to customize the way their lanyards look. Whether it’s for elementary, middle school, high school, or colleges and universities, custom lanyards by Lanyard Lab are a perfect way to show school spirit.

Each of our custom lanyard styles allows for complete customization. We can (and often do) custom dye the lanyards to match school colors. In addition, a school’s name, mascot, logo, team name, slogan, or any other text or graphic can be added to the lanyard, either via printing or woven into the material.

The most popular styles of lanyards for schools are our Printed Polyester and Printed Tube materials. Both styles feature strong polyester threads high-quality silk screen printing. The flat polyester printed lanyards offer larger widths which allow for more print detail. The tube polyester printed lanyards are available in smaller widths, for schools interested in being more subtle with their design. Tube lanyards are also less expensive for budget-minded schools. The minimum order for either style is just 100 lanyards.

In addition, we have a variety of lanyard attachments that offer a great deal of choice to fit any situation or purpose. For name tag and id badge lanyards, most schools prefer the J-Hook or Bulldog Clip attachments coupled with a business card-size badge holder. For those schools that don’t require name tags or IDs to be worn, key rings are often added to the lanyards to allow students and teachers to safely keep track of their keys while letting the lanyard material hang out of a pocket, showing off the customization.

Custom school lanyardsFor school lanyards, we highly recommend adding a safety breakaway. Breakaway lanyards are recommended to ensure the safety of all students, especially younger ones. If a breakaway lanyard is tugged on or becomes caught on something, the lanyard will come free from around the neck. Safety breakaways prevent choking. For all of our styles, the flat plastic and Velcro breakaways are available. For thinner lanyards, we also offer a small, round plastic breakaway.

As you can see from the custom lanyard artwork pictured here, Lanyard Lab offers complete customization and control over the look of custom school lanyards, creating lanyards that are 100% unique to each school.

To get custom lanyards for your school, simply click the button here to request a price quote today:

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