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Lanyard Attachments
Pictured below are our custom lanyard attachments, including hooks, safety breakaways, buckles, badge holders, and more.
Attachment Guide »
Not familiar with lanyard attachments?
This guide describes the basics of all of our available lanyard attachments.
Standard Attachments
» Our standard lanyard prices include your choice of any of these standard attachments.
These are the most commonly used hooks, clasps, and other lanyard attachments.

Upgrade Attachments
» Thicker material makes these attachments stronger and more durable.
While less common, upgrade attachments offer a more-reliable grasp onto badges, ID cards, name tags, and other lanyard accessories.

Single- or Double-Ended Lanyards
» One or Two Attachments - Your choice for any use.
The most common kind of lanyard is the standard single-ended type, with material sewn into a loop and a single attachment at the end. But double-ended lanyards can be useful to prevent badges from spinning around.

Convention lanyards are often double-ended, not sewn into a loop with two attachments sewn on, one at each end.

We can produce any lanyard style single- or double-ended. Just choose the option that best fits your needs when requesting a free quote.

Safety Breakaway
» Add a breakaway to your lanyards to prevent choking.
We highly recommend safety breakaways for schools or any situation where a lanyard could get snagged.

Breakaway Styles:
Buckle Attachment
» Buckles allow you to remove a lanyard attachment.
Not to be confused with the safety breakaway, buckles are thicker and placed at the base of a lanyard above the attachment.

Buckle Styles:

Badge Holders
» These 100% clear pouches allow you to display an ID, badge, name tag, or card on your lanyards.
The common sizes listed below are in stock. We can also produce custom badge holders of any size upon request.
(Photos not to scale.)

Retractable Badge Reels
» Often used to access a key card or ID.
The plastic snap at the bottom of the badge reels can be pulled out, unrolling a strong, nylon cord behind it. The cord winds itself back in when released.

Adjustable Bead
» Adjusts the lanyard length.
Metal beads slide most easily on tube lanyards and require a lanyard 5/8" wide or thinner.
Metal Crimp
» Creates a secure grip.
Metal crimps adds security in forming the loop at the lanyard's base.

Great question.
(If we do say so ourselves.)
Custom lanyards are used to add a sense of identity to schools, offices, government, trade shows, hospitals, and many other locations.
Click here to read more about how you can use custom lanyards.
Fully customizable.
From colors to material, length to width, and attachment to design, your custom lanyards can look exactly how you want them to.
We put the power in your hands.
Just don't let it go to your head.
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